Bereaved parents

To Do or Not To Do list for our Family and Friends

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Be patient with us.  Our lives have totally changed

Don't forget us, one, two, three, four or even five years down the road

We will never forget that death date, birthday, or special occassion

Try not to be offended if we don't- Laugh as much as we used to, Don't want to go out as much as we used to, don't feel comfortable in crowds (if you keep asking, and we say nom, this is probably why), are no longer the life of the party, or need to be around other people whom have lost children.

Support us by

Talking about our kids, we love to hear their names

Support us on our walks, golf scrambles, motorcycle rides or whichever way we choose to honor our child

Remember us at Christmas and the holidays. They are hard for us.

Ask us "How are you doing?" just be sincere when you ask

Send us cards or pictures of our kids

Tell us stories about them, that makes us happy

Let us talk about our children, don't let us hear that stone-cold silence when we mention their name.

Love us just where we are today